Forgot to send a card to someone or you just want to cheer up a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, or loved one?

Then why not send them a meaningful personalized greeting card with The Gallery Collection

This is a new, fun and exciting system that let’s you send colorful personalized greeting cards from the internet all from the comfort of home. Never leave your home again when you need to send that card for a special occasion.

Just log onto the internet, choose a category of cards, select the card that you want to send, personalize it (you can even upload a digital picture right to the card and use your own handwriting font and signature – how cool is that!), fill in who the card goes to and click send. That is all you need to do. We print the card with your personalization and send it out using a first class stamp. You can even send out your holiday cards by setting up a campaign all with a few clicks and your holiday cards, party invitation or address change will be sent.

These are actual color printed cards not e-cards. The problem we have found with e-cards is that they get deleted from the email before it is read due to the computer virus problems of today. These cards will get mailed and someone will not throw away a personalized card.

New features are being added daily. Some of them include the ability to add more than one photo per card. Personalized message can be in a different color. The ability to add a gift card or gift check to the card.

You can even upload an existing address database right into your account. By adding birthdates and anniversaries, our system will e-mail you a reminder that you have an important date coming up if you would like to send a card. What a great way to never again forget a birthdate or anniversary !

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Never again forget a birthday, anniversary, or other important dates with our The Gallery Collection account. You can send a card in less than a minute and this is not an e-card but an actual card by mail.

Birthday Confetti Spritz Card - Greeting Cards

With over 2500 cards to choose from just log onto the website, choose the card you want to send, personalize it, fill in the name and address of who you want the card to go to and press send. We do the rest for you, we print it, stuff it, address it and place first class postage on the card and send it for you in the mail. You never have to fight the crowds at the store, wait in line, fill in all the information, put on the postage and run it to the post office. How easy is that – and all for less than one dollar! These are not e-cards but actual cards that get mailed for you.

We have been overwhelmed at the response we have received by others who have seen the value to themselves personally and for business and are joining with us in The Gallery Collection.