When you decide to send greeting cards, here are a few things to keep in mind. The list below will help you prepare in advance for sending greeting cards.

How to send invitations or greeting cards:

  • Make a complete list of the people you will be sending your greeting cards to.
  • Make sure your list is up to date and contains the correct names and current mailing addresses.
  • Take the time to research the modern materials and designs which are available for greeting cards or invitations in several shops, and make your choice after an in-depth consideration of several of them.
  • Prepare greeting cards in advance and send them in time for the designated holiday, keeping in mind the mail traffic during national holidays such as New Year’s Eve or Christmas.
  • Consider the religious and cultural traditions of the people to whom you are sending your cards.
  • It’s a good idea to use professional online greeting card services to help and maintain your mail orders in a timely manner.
  • Use the tips for addressing envelops
Greeting cards etiquette

Greeting cards FOR BUSINESS

You should start with a search for good-quality greeting cards to show that you appreciate your recipients. Especially when it comes to a small circulation for a significant event. In our article, “Greeting Cards That Matter for Business,” we showed some of the most popular and effective ways to use greeting cards for business.

Whether you’re sending a thank you card after an event or expressing appreciation for a job well done, a simple handwritten note can do a lot for you and strengthen your relationship with the recipient.

Sound like a lot of work? If the business or the relationship is worth it, then just do it – it’s a golden investment in your business.

Tips for addressing envelopes:

  • Always write titles on the envelope. Address the invitation or greeting card to “Mr. Adam Jordon” not to “Adam Jordon”.
  • When it’s addressed a couple then use “Mr. and Mrs. Jordon” instead of “Adam and Eva Jordon”.
  • Try to write the names of the husband and wife in one line. The husband’s name is placed always first.
  • Use titles, rather than professional initials:
    It’s “Dr. Adam Jordon” and not “Adam Jordan, M.D.”.
    It’s “Dr. Adam Jordan and Mrs. Eva Jordan” instead of “Adam Jordan, M.D. and Mrs. Eva Jordan”.
    It’s “Mr. Adam Jordan and Dr. Eva Jordan” instead of “Adam Jordan and Eva Jordan, M.D”.
    But it’s “The doctors Jordan” if both the husband and his wife are doctors. If they have different last names, then use “Dr. Adam Jordan and Dr. Eva White”.
  • If you are addressing a couple who share the same address but are not husband and wife, write their names on separate lines alphabetically without “and”.
    Ms. Anna White
    Mr. John Jordan
Greeting cards etiquette

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